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Schools and Education Providers
in Moore County, NC

These are many of your options for educating your children in Moore County, NC.

We have them broken down into categories to ease your initial understanding of the variety and methods available to you. Whenever possible, the providers listed are hyperlinked so you may pursue more information as you desire.

*please note, we did not include the hundreds of online options available, but only those available from the education providers located in Moore County, NC. Please also see our Expo page for even more providers!

Basic Categories of Education Options in Moore County, NC

Each individual school listed below is hyperlinked to the school's website.

All schools are organized below in a logical order with priority given to none. Lastly,

new schools pop up in Moore Co. about once very 3-5 years, so check back with us for updates!

Public (traditional) Schools

Public schools are funded by taxpayer dollars and curricula are guided by the state Board of Education.

Moore County Public Schools

High Schools

Middle Schools

Elementary Schools

Public Charter Schools, the virtual school
& the alternative school

These schools are publicly funded, but are allowed to chose alternative curriculum, alternative teaching methods, and other modes of interaction.

Private traditional & alternative schools

Traditional Private schools are accredited by the State, regular daytime hours, traditional teaching methods, extracurriculars, and calendars.

Religious schools

Religious schools are accredited by the State, and offer similar content to traditional schools, but also seek to provide and instill a different spirit, or character, to the teachers' and students' educational experience.

Charter schools

Online virtual school

Private schools

Religious schools

Alternative schools

Longleaf Academy

Highland Christian Academy

Alternative schools


There is a wide variety of models of home schools: full-time home, hybrid, full-time cooperative, even   un-schooling, which allow for your family to create your style of educational experience. And because the administrative weight is shifted to families, we included several links to potentially helpful resources.

Homeschool Groups

Homeschool resources

Where are all of these schools?

There are dozens of schools across Moore County, NC. Here is a useful map from Please note that we do NOT endorse their rating system, we just found this map to be helpful when looking for a school's actual physical location! Not every school is listed, but most are.

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