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Opportunity scholarships were originally created in 2013. Then, in 2023, the NC Legislature expanded eligibility for the program to all NC students and increased the monies allotted to the program in 2023. There are tiers to the amount of money families can qualify for based on household income. This money works as a voucher system for parents to fund their children's education as they see fit.

  • The program functions via direct payments to schools that accept such payments. No money goes to parents.

  • Not all schools accept such payments, so check with your desired school before applying.

  • The open period for 2024 applications is February 1 - March 1, 2024. The NCSEAA website states that there is no advantage to applying early.

  • UPDATE: March 6, 2024: The open season for school year 2024-25 is now closed, but the NCSEAA has indicated that it MAY re-open the application process.

  • See links below for applications, more information, and assistance in completing your application.

NC State Education Assistance Authority

The NCSEAA is the agency charged with administering the Opportunity Scholarship program and website. Parents set up accounts to begin application process. The webpage behind this button has all the basic information you'll need!

Logo-NCSEAA.jpg is a private website set up by the NC Coalition for Educational Opportunity to assist parents in applying for their Opportunity Scholarship money. If you desire assistance, you may contact the organization to receive help from a Parent Liaison Team who can walk you through the process and answer your questions. is a privately-run national website with a page dedicated to assisting parents in applying for their Opportunity Scholarship money.


The NC Expanded Opportunity Scholarship Program

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