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Why are we doing this?

Elections are important. We here at the Moore County School Choice Expo want you, the parents and residents, to be fully informed of everything about your schools and your education options. This includes the relevance of the public school board, even if your children do not attend public school, even if your children are grown and out of the house.

Elections ought to matter to each of us.


Elections have consequences for all of us.

How did we get here?

North Carolina authorizes non-partisan elections for local school boards. Here in Moore Co., we aren't naive about what's at stake in education at all levels, and from all perspectives. Unfortunately, that means admitting that education has become politicized. Weaponized, even. We want "education" to return to education.

The primary vote held in March of this year reduced the field of candidates to two per school board district. Those candidates are listed below with information researched and vetted along with questions asked of each candidate in a series of interviews conducted by the Expo staff.

The 2024 Moore County, NC school board candidates

District II

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